About Me!

Let's travel through life.
With no WORRY
With no FEAR
With no TEAR

As a kid, taking things apart and analysing was something I liked the most and something my parents hated the most! Nevertheless, who would have ever imagined that this nature of mine ,becomes my passion!

Well, it might sound to you that I might be an industrious, smart student, when I was a kid with the introduction above! Let me tell you, I never did good in my studies. I failed and failed!! I had to study, I thrived and successfully completed my engineering, and then I shut the chapter of my education! Thanks to the Information Technology, I am an IT working professional now, I do fairly well at my work!

Old habits die hard! My habit of exploring things has developed into a passion to travel. I have travelled long and short distances and there’s still a lot on the earth and the space to explore! One step at a time and it’ll all be experienced. 


A walk that will never end...